A really big kit

Glider Plans overview

Our neighbor, Don Burns, is working on one of the biggest kits we’ve seen: an Easy Riser biplane hang glider. The first page of the plans is shown above.

Wings over workbench

Don let me take a few pictures of his work in progress— the wings are hanging above his well-equipped workbench.


The plans are filled with quirky reminders and tips, the occasional misspelling, and bits of humor.

Thanks for sharing your project, Don!

2 thoughts on “A really big kit

  1. That’s awesom! I have one of those kits too, along with the orginal power plant, trike gear and propeller! Some parts assembled, hoping to work on it again this summer!

  2. Aviation kits are a big thing, since if you build it yourself, you can get experimental certification, and not have to deal with the whole FAA is-this-thing-airworthy certification. You can just build her and try to fly her and see for yourself.

    This sounds like a great kit. Biplanes are great, but umpty ump years ago I read an article about a fighter jet kit that cost about $500,000. Thanks to Google, I can confirm that there is such a kit. It’s the Viperjet MKII offered by a firm out in Pasco. The base kit is $185,000 or so but fully tricked out it would run about $450,000. Thank god I don’t have money like that lying around, but the specs sound great – “You won’t find very many military aircraft that have 77 knot stall speed, yet fly over 500 miles an hour.” I’m assuming the jet engine comes pre-assembled.

    I hope your neighbor has great fun with the build, and even more fun flying.

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