Interactive LED Bar

Interactive LED Bar

Alter Itay sent us pictures of a bar he designed with our Interactive LED Panels installed under the glass bar top.

Empty bar

This is a popular use for the panels, but we rarely get to see the end results, as the bars they get installed in are all over the world.

People interacting

As the patrons interact with each other and the bartenders they trigger the sensors and their drinks are illuminated by the LEDs.

Interactivity in action

Thanks very much to Itay for sending us the pictures and letting us share them!

Black & White Bar Picture

4 thoughts on “Interactive LED Bar

  1. Fantastic!

    And that looks like the through-hole version, which means there’s some major soldering time gone into that bar!

    Where in the world is it?

  2. One of the best futuristic bar design i have ever seen. Looks like a virtual bar in Enterprise. Scotty, beam me up to this bar…

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