The Ping-Pong Ball Bot

Ping-Pong Ball Bot

Over at RasterWeb, certified Egg-Bot Operator Pete Prodoehl has written at some tips for using the Eggbot as a machine for decorating ping pong balls:

I found the trick to doing them well […] was to put the ball in with the printed logo aligned directly upwards, and then using the manual control to spin the ball 180 degrees (1600 steps) so the logo is facing downwards so you can center your plot onto the backside where you’ll have the most room and (in theory) the artwork should be centered.

We’ve seen plenty of printing on ping pong balls before— often in the context of beer pong(!)—but these look great, and that’s a pretty neat tip about making sure that the logo doesn’t get in your way.

Link: Ping-Pong Ball Bot @ RasterWeb