Bay Bridge Progress Photos

The SAS tower comes into focus.
The self anchored suspension span tower comes into focus, after crews dismantled the scaffolding that supported the 525-foot tower.
Courtesy of Caltrans.

Here in the San Francisco Bay area, we’ve been watching the progress of the replacement of the east span of the Bay Bridge, which connects San Francisco to Oakland via Yerba Buena Island.

Inside the East Span’s Splay Saddle
A look inside the East Span’s Splay Saddle, where the main cable wraps around the west end of the bridge.
Courtesy of Caltrans

The California Department of Transportation has been doing an incredible job of sharing the progress with the public since construction began in 2002. The latest set of drool-worthy engineering photos is up on the Bay Bridge Info site, giving a peek deep inside the project.

workers cut into the shear keys at Pier E2 repairing broken rods on the eastern span
Sparks fly as workers cut into the shear keys at Pier E2. Bay Bridge crews have been hard at work repairing broken rods on the eastern span.
Courtesy of Caltrans

The media archive chronicles the project since its start in video and pictures, so you can delve even deeper. You can also follow @BayBridgeInfo on twitter for updates. The new bridge is nearing completion, and is scheduled to open Labor Day weekend this year.