Help Fund the Hacker Scouts Oakland Lab

Our friends at Hacker Scouts have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their move into a new, dedicated space in Oakland.

If funded your support will give our families access to equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters and fund low cost classes in everything from robotics to woodworking to programming, and together we will fulfill a larger mission of providing a new kind of education to as many kids as we can.

We’ve backed the project, and we’re also honored that they have invited us to participate in one of their pledge rewards, a VIP Maker Dinner with the Hacker Scouts founders and other prominent makers in the Bay Area.

Head over to their campaign to learn more about the materials, tools and site upgrades they’re fundraising for and how they’ll be benefitting the local community as well as the larger maker community.

1 thought on “Help Fund the Hacker Scouts Oakland Lab

  1. $35,000? There are hackerspaces that would kill for a tenth of that money. Why do kids need access to a lasercutter or 3D printer to learn about STEM? (they don’t….) This seems like a poor use of money in terms of $/benefit, given that our public schools very often don’t have enough textbooks to go around and teachers are often buying paper, pencils, chalk, etc out of their own pockets.

    Further, why couldn’t they help expand the hackerspace they were working with, so that everyone could benefit from that 3D printer and laser cutter, not just kids? That’s the whole idea behind spaces – pooling of resources. Not balkanization…

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