Inside-out Eggbot

Here’s something we never thought of: John Fisher is using an EiBotBoard (EBB), a Raspberry PI and a camera to create “inverse panorama views” of cylindrical objects. It’s a little bit like using an Eggbot as a scanner. His in-depth article covers everything from hardware set up to code.

Hat tip to EBB developer Brian Schmalz for pointing us to this one!

3 thoughts on “Inside-out Eggbot

  1. Antiquarians use something like this, except with a slit lens, to record old ceramics and the like. You’ve probably seen some of their pottery “unwinds” in books on ancient art.

    1. They use a mechanical link to rotate the object and to advance the film in sync. You could probably do this with digital, a stepping motor, and a gear linkage, especially if you can just read a limited number of rows at each step.

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