Lady Ada Lovelace Day 2013

Open Hardware Summit 2013 at MIT
For Lady Ada Lovelace Day, we are once again celebrating women in open source hardware. Pictured above are three key women from the 2013 Open Hardware SummitCatarina Mota, from the Open Source Business panel and OSHWA board member; Addie Wagenknecht, Open Hardware Summit co-Chair; and Alicia Gibb, conference organizer and OSHWA president.

A number of women also presented talks during the summit:

In addition, the following women presented posters or demos:

Toni Klopfenstein, Erin “RobotGrrl” Kennedy, Gabriella Levine, Analisa Russo, Amelia Marzec, Anuja Apte, Nadya Peek, Tania Morimoto, Ayah Bdeir, Linda Karina Duran Bautista, Aisen Caro ChacinPilar Zaragoza, Alexandra Shuey, Christalee Bieber.

All of these presenters build on a history of excellent content within this vibrant community.

Photo courtesy of the Open Hardware Summit (CC-BY).