Introducing The WaterColorBot

Today we’re thrilled to be launching our newest kit: the WaterColorBot.

The WaterColorBot is a brand-new project from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and Super Awesome Sylvia — a friendly art robot that moves a paint brush to paint your digital artwork onto paper, using a set of watercolor paints.

We’ve previously written about how we got started on this project (in a guest post by Sylvia), and about Sylvia’s visit to the White House Science Fair, where she was able to give President Obama a personal demonstration of the WaterColorBot.

And now, you can get one too!  We’re launching the WaterColorBot today on Kickstarter, and we’d like to ask for your support in getting it out there.  The WaterColorBot is an enormously powerful tool for helping to get young people interested in technology:

Beyond simple fun, we think that the WaterColorBot has enormous potential for STEM and STEAM education, especially as a way to get young people engaged with hands-on technology and robotics. We are particularly interested finding ways to inspire young women to pursue careers in science and technology. We cannot imagine any better way to do so, than starting with a robot co-designed by a 12 year old girl.

Perhaps more than anything else that we’ve done, we think that the WaterColorBot really can make the world a better place, one (young) Evil Mad Scientist at a time.

2 thoughts on “Introducing The WaterColorBot

  1. This is awesome! Sylvia and you have done a tremendous job and this looks really exciting. As a grandfather of 5 fantastic grandkids I can just see most of the five, ranging in age from 3 to 9, having a great time.

    As someone that has been involved in technology, most of it computing, for over 50 years I am still as excited today with things that are happening as I was at the beginning.

    Very large regards
    Ken Hungerford

  2. To Windell,
    Thanks ever so much for the personal “tour” of the water color bot yesterday when I stopped by.
    FYI – In the mail I just got a IKEA catalog 2014 and you might want to do a search on their website for ‘watercolor box’ or ‘paint’ to see what they have to offer. I was very happy to know that you are still doing refinements (ie:string/cord). Keep up the Excellent work. Excited about my Xmas present coming in December.
    Thanks again,

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