Access Point Garage Door Opener

Over at Dead, too much lettuce., Scott built an Access Point garage door opener with a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, and our Simple Relay Shield.

I bike to work. Bikes live in the garage. But with only 2 remotes, I could not keep one in my bag all the time to be able to get to the bike. So a new option had to be created. Most people would have bought a new remote…

1 thought on “Access Point Garage Door Opener

  1. When I had to replace our garage door opener a few years ago, all of the makes/models I looked at (I considered several different options) came with a keypad transmitter. Because of the apparent ubiquity, I just figured that was standard equipment for openers now.

    The network implementation gets nerd points for sure, but wouldn’t it be easier to just get a keypad? You can get “universal” ones that work with most any opener; they are basically just a regular opener switch, but with a keypad to enter a code before actually transmitting the signal to open the door. Mount one of those somewhere near the garage, and viola…no need to carry anything extra on the bike.

    They can be programmed with temporary codes (time-limited or use-limited) for guests, workers, etc. Or you can of course share the permanent code with whomever you like.

    I’m a daily bike commuter and find our keypad remote very convenient (for much the same reasons that motivated this project…who really wants to carry around a door opener on their bike?). Installing one of those would be far easier, and less expensive.

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