EggBot holiday project roundup

It’s close to the holidays, which means people are pulling out their EggBots and getting creative. Last year, we posted a set of holiday designs and some tips for working with ornaments. Here are a few projects we’ve found this year.

Erin Ruppert made this lovely “First Christmas” ornament. The gold ink looks great on the clear ball.

Erin also made ornaments with ornaments on them, which somehow seems fitting.

Lotte made an ornament for her mom at FABKlas, a maker education program.

The folks at FABsterdam made this Mario ornament.

MAKE Ventura used gold Sharpie markers on a matte finish ornament to great effect. Other makerspaces are playing with their EggBots, too. The Johnson County Library in Kansas is doing Eggbot ornament tutorials in their makerspace.

Chris Lynas took the EggBot to “work and school Christmas fair raising money for charity – result: £200 in under four hours!”

Fran marked up eggs for a family igloo making craft party.

Lastly, our friend Miguel engraved glass ornaments with his EggBot.

3 thoughts on “EggBot holiday project roundup

  1. Very nice work.

    Here’s a thought…

    If you take the cap off a bauble and cut a shallow notch or two where it would sit, then create a head(?) for the EggBot with a matching ‘lug’ it/they could act as registry mark(s) for multi-colour/-technique works..?

    If you replace the cap right, the notch will be hidden.

    Might be too much work for most users, I suppose – especially having to notch every bauble, but it may be worth considering something similar.

    1. Putting a “notch” in the neck of an “extremely” fragile glass ornament would likely range from difficult to nearly impossible without having shards of glass and useless ornaments as the results. A better solution might be to draw indexing marks on the necks and holders with the same sharpies used for drawing and the marks would be then be hidden by the caps after completion?

  2. david is probably right. Christmas balls tend to be on the somewhat fragile side anyway, and the top seems to be sort of a stress point–extra fragile. I’m sure you could notch them, but the indexing mark seems much more practical. You can draw a line of the holder with a technical pen and then precision would be much improved. Personally I’m still trying to figure out how to make a jig for auto centering.

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