Electro-Kistka: Alternate In-Place Egg Dyeing Technique

After seeing our recent post on dyeing in eggs in place with the Eggbot, Ragnar posted instructions in the forums for an alternative egg dyeing technique.

It involves pre-installing a plastic dyeing bag at the time of positioning the egg in the Eggbot. Full instructions (with more photos) are in the forum post. Thank you for demonstrating this technique, Ragnar!

5 thoughts on “Electro-Kistka: Alternate In-Place Egg Dyeing Technique

  1. Wouldn’t it be easier to install a hopper under the egg, fill it with dye so that it covers as much as possible of the side of the egg and rotate the egg so that all sides are covered? Then dip the ends of the egg at the end.

  2. A nice idea but the bag will always retain a little of the previous dye(s), which will ‘muddy’ successive dyes.

    Also, depending how well your Eggbot has been put together (and hoping there’s no damage to the ends you stand it on), moving it however often per egg might not be a particularly good idea.

    I prefer th idea of a shallow ‘bath’ placed on a car jack-type ‘scissor’ platform and raised/lowered as necessary (to minimise ‘sloshing’). It may be advisable to raise the Eggbot (with added ‘feet?) to allow the ‘bath’ and platform to fit underneath.

    1. If the ‘feet’ are taller at the motor end, the slope created could allow more of the egg’s pointed end to by dyed (the blunt end doesn’t matter so much, as that will be hidden when the egg is sat on display).

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