Heavy Duty Marshmallow Roasting

Building our April Fool’s Day project, the MarshMallowMatic, was a fun project but not without its fair share of trial and error.  When heating flammable materials with an oxy-fuel torch, the biggest challenge is simply not setting them on fire.

In the video above — one of our first trials, before we had figured out how far away to position the flame — we wondered what would happen if we tried to “evenly” roast a marshmallow… with predictable results.  Let’s just consider this an outtake.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Duty Marshmallow Roasting

  1. maybe make marshmallows that are puffed up with oxygen instead of CO2 or N2 or what-ever. Get the oxygen/carbon ratio right and they would really be fun to toast (from the other side of a blast wall).

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