The MarshMallowMatic


Introducing the MarshMallowMatic: the world’s first dedicated CNC marshmallow toasting machine— capable of custom marking and toasting of marshmallows under robotic control.

The MarshMallowMatic is built from a special, modified version of our Ostrich Eggbot kit, fitted with a compact oxy-fuel torch:


The oxy-fuel torch can produce a 1″ (2.5 cm) long flame, with temperature in excess of 5000 °F (2760 °C).  “And wow, can it toast marshmallows!”


9 thoughts on “The MarshMallowMatic

  1. Pretty cool! But I can’t believe if it’s real or not. It’s April Fools day u know. Probably not the best day to announce something cool like this if it is actually real! ;-P

  2. I like the fact that it is both entirely plausible, yet utterly silly, that make this a charming meta-April Fool’s joke.

    Such meta. Very fool.

  3. Hi .. very cool- great concept!!
    Any more info on the torch used? Seems to be a “must have” item!

    1. WIndell –
      Seems you forgot to add the MarsMallowMatic to the products page! ☺
      A pity that 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) is already a registered trademark! Would have suited the ‘new’ bot perfectly!
      A suggestion; make a special MMM out of fire proof material (CNC alu?)
      (According to Forrest Gump; S..T Happens!)

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