Wolfram Conference Eggbot Challenge

Over on the Wolfram Blog, they’ve posted the winners to the Wolfram Technology Conference Egg-Bot Challenge:

We have a programming competition every year at the Wolfram Technology Conference, which in past years was the Mathematica One-Liner Competition. This year we held the Egg-Bot Challenge, a change of pace to give attendees a chance to exercise their graphics skills. The idea of the competition was to use Mathematica to generate designs that could be plotted on spheres…

Above is first place winner Jan ?íha’s composition of sinusoidal motifs, and below is second place winner Michael Sollami’s spirograph designs. Head over to see the rest of the entries.

1 thought on “Wolfram Conference Eggbot Challenge

  1. One of the neatest things about that post (other than the cool designs and the eggbott) was the rotating animations of the plots. I’ve often wanted a simple way to make such a thing for previsualization, but never found a simple way to do it. Those are a great way to share the designs with the internet audience, who can’t hold the print in their hands.

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