EggBot Art by Vera

Brown egg with white ink geometric pattern

Vera wrote to us:

Having loads of fun with the wonderful EggBot! Some photos for you to enjoy.

Brown egg with black ink pattern

She’s posted some beautiful eggs, drawn on with a variety of pens.

Ping pong ball with geometric pattern

There’s a fun series of ping pong ball gifs.

Multi-colored clear ornament

She also has used clear glass ornaments with an almost stained-glass effect. There are many more photos on her site, so check them out!

1 thought on “EggBot Art by Vera

  1. Thank you Vera for sharing your beautiful artwork. I’m very new to the Eggbot machine, and don’t have a lot of creative talent, but your work is inspiring! Any chance I could get a copy of your butterfly mono color svg file, by daughter would love that one in particular. Thanks

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