The books are in!

Build It Yourself Science Laboratory

The Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Laboratory has arrived! We’ve got them in stock and are now offering signed copies at our store, too!

“Would you like to know more?” I’ll be speaking about the book at Maker Faire this weekend, on the DIY stage. Scheduled times are Friday at 2:30pm, Saturday at 10:30am, and Sunday at 4pm.

1 thought on “The books are in!

  1. This book is very entertaining. It contains a huge volume of useful information, including sources for materials which exist in this century. Also, the new foreword helps to explain how Windell “got that way.” I suspect many current engineers and scientists have similar stories lurking in their past.
    Thanks, Windell, for your efforts in updating this book and making it available to the current generations.

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