Nixin: a font inspired by Nixie Tubes

Nixin is a font being kickstarted by Nelio Barros inspired by our Nixie tube take-apart post.

Simply put, the original nixie tubes are beautiful and retro. They bring us the spirit of an era where technology often looked like magic.

Nixin is based on the original 9 numbers that are exactly the same as can be found inside the nixie tubes, and all the other characters are my interpretation to what they would look like, if they existed inside a tube.

Here’s one of our photos he used in the video to talk about the inspiration behind the font:

Just numbers

The campaign ends in a few days, so act quickly to support the project!

6 thoughts on “Nixin: a font inspired by Nixie Tubes

  1. Why in the world does a Font need a Kickstarter campaign? Rather build it or not.

    1. As someone who works with Nixies and loves the, I could not agree more. Beautiful but would I pay to back it? NO.

    2. There are lots of reasons to kickstart things, even fonts. If you watch the video, he explains that he needs to take time off from paying gigs to finish the font.

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