Stroboscopic patterns for Easter eggs

Jiri Zemanek from Prague sent in this fabulous video of eggs decorated using the EggBot, some with markers, and some with the Electro-Kistka.

Various patterns are generated in Matlab using mathematical equations similar to ones describing Spirograph (or harmonograph) and Phyllotaxis. The patterns are calculated in such a way that when rotated under a stroboscopic light of suitable frequency or when recorded by a camera, they start to animate. It is kind of zoetrope— early device for animation. … Eggs are rotated at a constant speed, special for each pattern, by a brushless motor. No computer graphics tricks are used in the video.

Additional information is available at their site.

3 thoughts on “Stroboscopic patterns for Easter eggs

  1. I would like to create some of these eggs by hand. Could I please see the patterns on the still eggs?

  2. HAHAHA!!! the minute the strobe goes on my 5 year old son started shouting “AHHHH WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!!”

    Now he is gathering up the rest of the kids to get them to see this. I wish you could be here to see his reaction!

  3. stroboscopic device is a delight & better yet has
    uses – you young folks today seem to be my lost
    brothers & sisters from the 60’s – only with tech,
    great new things like this all the time, just great

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