Vintage Computer Festival West XI

The Vintage Computer Festival is happening at the Computer History Museum in Mountain view this weekend, August 6-7.

Hands-on exhibits are presented Saturday and Sunday. You’ll find demos of 1960s minicomputers, 1970s homebrew systems, 1980s eight-bitters, and a few oddities. Some exhibits contain pristine original machines, while others focus on unique modern hacks, and everything in between.

The MOnSter 6502 will be there, too!

1 thought on “Vintage Computer Festival West XI

  1. I’v been involved with computers both in the Navy and out since the early 70s. Over the years I have amassed quite a collection hardware and software including publications.
    Due to ill health now I would like to pass along the items I have to someone or an organization willing to preserve a bit of history.
    Any way you can assist me in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
    Cdr. Jim Butler USN (ret)

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