3 thoughts on “ATmegaXX8 Target Boards in Funk Amateur

  1. Cringing at the cost of the wasted PCB real estate in that cover photo! Maybe it’s an RF thing…

    1. There are many reasons for creating PCBs of a specific (not the smallest possible) size. I didn’t read the article about that project, so I don’t know what their reasoning was.

    2. I did some digging, and it appears to be due to the form factor of the case for which it is intended to fit, which Lenore alluded to.

      The item shown is the Funk Amateur FA-AS Automatic Antenna Selector. It is a kit sold by Funk, apparently available for pre-order (I found the product website and did a Google Translate; I’m assuming “pre-bookable” means “available for pre-order”).

      To wit, the standard Icom transceiver that this is designed to compliment measures 240mm W x 239mm D. The dimensions of the FA-AS are 238mm W x 240mm D.

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