Halloween Project Archive

Array of Halloween Projects

Looking for inspiration for your Halloween projects? Need ideas for snacks, costumes or decor? Not sure what to do with your pumpkins this year? Head over to the Halloween Project Archives for a list of our projects over the years.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and … we’ve organized dozens of our Halloween projects into categories: costumespumpkinsdecor and food.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Project Archive

  1. What a fun collection of Halloween project ideas! I love that caprese monster with the olive eyes!

  2. I love your solderless flickery flame kits!! They’re the best LED candle replacements available! One request, it would be amazing to somehow add a repeating time so they would go on for x hours each day starting at the same time each day. I saw Popular Science had a photocell mod to your design, but a repeating 24 hour timer would be amazing! https://www.popsci.com/how-build-flameless-hack-o-lantern/ Thank you for any ideas or help or future products!

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