Open Circuits: Now available

Earlier this year, I wrote about my then-forthcoming book, Open Circuits: The Inner Beauty of Electronic Components, co-written with our regular collaborator Eric Schlaepfer.

Open Circuits is a coffee table book full of close-up and cross-section photographs of everyday electronic components. And, it’s now shipping! As of today, it’s available in hardcover from your local bookstore, as well as to purchase online and in electronic versions.

Open Circuits, hardback

We also just launched a new website for the book, with links of where you can purchase it as well as lengthy galleries of images from the book and of outake photos.

We put up a list of sellers on the website, including direct from No Starch and our own store, where signed copies are available.

3 thoughts on “Open Circuits: Now available

  1. Thankyou.
    Received my copy last week and was really impressed with the content. Have had a great time reading and learning. The photos are wonderful and the descriptions are very informative.

  2. Hi Windell,

    I just gifted your book to my husband who is a chip designer. I’d love to frame and hang a few of your photographs from Open Circuits in our house – would you consider selling high-resolution photographs for printing?

    Thank you!

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