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    A) Awesome information. Thank you! This might explain why one of the red LEDs on the scanner has suddenly stopped working! But, if a single LED has gone, it does not seem like that suggests the IC is damaged… because one would have to assume if the IC fried, none of the LEDs would work? I won’t know until ~maybe~ past Halloween because I can’t really disassemble the Larson scanner part of the pack. You can see it in this video pretty clearly… 

    Hadrian Ghost Buster #1  

    B) So – if using only resistors, once the circuit is fully powered on, the resistors have “gone into effect” and thus … it is safer to run it constantly with a resistor constrained circuit than to turn it off and on with a resistor constrained circuit? Each new power cycle brings with it the over-voltage risk that, if passed safely, is fine until the next power cycle? Or am I mis-understanding what you wrote?
    C) So diodes always… immediately … constrain voltage… which includes LEDs that are related to diodes? No “warm-up” time? 
    The idea of adding in 3 extra red LEDs is _by far_ the best choice for kid’s costume. Nice call. I’ll add some LEDs and presumably a resistor still needs to hang out in front of the first LED in the circuit..? 
    Thank you Evil Mad Scientist!
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