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A truly classy hearse

classy hearse
Hearses are generally classy vehicles, but this one takes the cake. This hearse is not just olive-green, but it also matches the mortuary perfectly.

I just about passed by the Jones Mortuary in East Palo Alto (right next door to Ikea!) when I saw the hearse in the nearly empty parking lot. I have admired it before, and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to take a picture.

Jones Mortuary I stopped and got out my camera and a big guy came out of the side door to ask me what I was doing. I told him I wanted to take a picture of the beautiful hearse to share with my photo group. He told me I would need permission from the owner. I asked if the owner was in today, and was told yes, and directed to go around to the front and go inside and wait. Eventually he came out of the office (where I presume he spoke with the owner) and told me it would be fine if I took pictures.

Afterwards I realized that I was wearing all black, which does not seem like the best choice in retrospect.

I’m glad they didn’t mind my taking pictures, because I think the hearse is absolutely gorgeous. If I ever need to be taken somewhere in a hearse, I want it to be one like this.

ArtCar Fest

We ventured out of the lab today to check out the ArtCar Fest outside of the San Jose Museum of Art. We loved all the different construction techniques. Gluing, welding, riveting, painting, sewing – the list goes on. We took some pictures and put them in this set on flickr. Read on to see a few of our favorites.
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