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Circuitry Snacks

555 LED flasher 1

PCB with components   Joule thief 2

Here we present what is arguably the tastiest way to design and learn about electronic circuits: make circuitry snacks!

Two of our favorite things in the world are playing with electronics and playing with food, and so it is about time that someone finally got around to combining the two. We begin by gathering up appropriate snack-food building blocks and making food-based models of electronic components. From these components, you can assemble “circuitry snacks”– edible models of functioning electronic circuits. You can make these for fun, for dessert, for your geek friends, for kids, and for teaching and learning electronics.
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More cool dessert sushi

Dot's dessert sushi!

Dot wrote in with this photo of some beautiful dessert sushi that she made (link).

The “fish” pieces are primarily pieces of dried fruit– a brilliant (and healthier) alternative to our all candy version. She also included some tips for future sushi endeavors, all of which sound like good points:

  • Yogos fruit rolls come in green and seem to work well for seaweed, though not as pretty green as fruit rollups.
  • Dried papaya, sliced, looks like Tuna! We also used dried mango and candied ginger for our ‘fish’.
  • A tomato paste can is a good size to be a cookie cutter to cut out the round ‘slices’ and we just put slices of the fruit on to to similate the effect of a roll.

Neat stuff– we’ll have to include dried papayas in our next batch of sushi!

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Play with your food: Dessert sushi

Today on DIY:Happy, we saw a story about making dessert sushi, by Megan from notmartha.org. Megan got this idea from the same place that we did: the wonderful book The Secret Life of Food, by Clare Crespo. (Everyone should go get a copy right now.)

Two years ago we too made dessert sushi, and luckily we remembered to take some pictures.
Thanks to Megan for reminding us about the project!
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