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Mystery components!

While picking out interesting vintage diodes at the electronics flea market, we came across a couple of components— possibly also diodes because of where we found them —of types that we have never seen before.  And we can’t resist a good mystery.



First, there’s this little two legged can, marked with 650, a black dot, and CO on one side. The other side (as you can see in the photo above this one), is marked T 1 and has black and red dots.


Secondly, a couple of things that look kind of like resistors:

They are very small, only about the size of 1/4 W resistors.  They are marked with a red capitol letter “P” and a set of four colored stripes. The “P” marking interrupts the three narrower bands in both cases.

Here’s a good look at the color bands: brown, violet, green, and then a broad yellow.  (We could be reading this wrong; is the broad stripe supposed to be read first?)

This one has brown, violet, green, and then broad violet.

So, what are they?  We don’t actually know, but if you do, or if you have a good guess, we’d love to hear it!