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Vector engraved stipples

Laser-etched Hoan Bridge

Over at rasterweb, Pete has been playing with StippleGen2 to create artwork with the laser engraver at the Milwaukee Makerspace.

Laser-etched Hoan Bridge

StippleGen’s output consists of lots of tiny overlapping circles and this piece was made by using vector engraving, where the laser traces out each circle individually. In some places, the lasered marks overlap many times, leading to a new and unusual surface texture. In the closeup above you can see the ridges and valleys formed by the overlapped engraved areas. Go check out his article for the rest of the story about the project!

Makerspace Launch

The Makerspace program is a joint effort by O’Reilly’s Make division and Otherlab to put dedicated space and tools for hands-on making into high schools. They describe their aims on their about page:

By creating makerspaces in an educational context, students can have access to tools and equipment that they might not have otherwise; they can collaborate on projects that are driven by their own interests, and by doing so, develop the capacity and confidence to innovate. We see making as a gateway to deeper engagement in science and engineering but also art and design.

On Monday, September 10, we’ll be attending the Makerspace launch event at the College of San Mateo. We’ll be demoing a few kits and are excited to have the opportunity to meet educators interested in bringing making into the classroom. If you’ll be attending, please stop by our table and say hi!

A fantastic introduction to Maker Spaces

Maui Makers from SelfMadeinHawaii on Vimeo.

Jerry Isdale, founder of Maui Makers, sent in this great clip about their maker space. (The video is embedded above, and the Vimeo link is here.)

The video, from TV series Self Made in Hawaii,
is one of the best introductions that we have seen to maker spaces (and, really, hacker spaces in general)– showing people working together, having fun and building awesome stuff.

And that’s exactly what maker spaces and hacker spaces are all about: There’s fire art, 3D printers, and electronics, laser cutters, CNC machines, and even some fine footage of an Egg-Bot in motion.

More information about the video is available at the Maui Makers blog.

Eggbot in Cairo at Maker Faire Africa

This awesome picture of Manal holding an Eggbotted egg she has embellished comes to us straight from Bilal in Cairo!

We sent an Eggbot along with our friend Bilal Ghalib to Maker Faire Africa and the 3-day Egyptian Maker Space, which were presented by GEMSI (the Global Entrepreneurship and Maker Space Initiative), and the Cairo Hacker Space.

You can find more about their adventures on twitter by following Bilal and Maker Faire Africa.