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Evil Mad Scientist at Rods and Mods

While we don’t normally find ourselves as part of the case mod community, we’ve been invited to participate in the Rods and Mods event, “The Kustom Kulture of Radical Computer Modification” currently going on, Thursday through Saturday at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. We’ll be attending this Saturday, showing off some of our recent projects and maybe even some hacked devices.

You can read more about this event here, and we’ll hope to see you there!

Clever neon mod

Lan's Florist

You don’t normally find clever hacks and recycling combined at the florist shop, but that is just what we have at our local strip mall. This neon sign reads “lan’s florist” but used to read “Mango’s florist.” Very resourcefully, they taped over the “g”, “o”, and most of the “M” to make it read “lan” instead. We had to work hard to get a picture that shows off their modifications, but that means that most of the time (except for the slightly awkward spacing) you don’t even notice that the sign has been altered.
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Remaking a Maker Bag

tool belt stitches from outside

Last year at the Maker Faire they gave away nifty canvas tote bags that have nice large handles and are a great shape and size.

The recent call for proposals for this year’s Maker Faire has just reminded us (1) that we need to choose a project to submit (we brought our dining table last year), and (2) that we were going to do something cool with that bag! Some time ago, it was suggested in this instructable that there be a Make Bag Re-Make contest this year. In that spirit, we are providing this guide to improving your bag and making it a little more useful. We have added a zipper closure and pockets and loops for pens, tools, business cards, an mp3 player, and of course, our favorite slipstick.
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