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Vintage QuiltBert!

Q-bert quilt Eric's original 1984 003

I knew I couldn’t have been the first to make a QuiltBert, but I just couldn’t find any evidence for one online. That’s probably because in 1984 putting pictures of all your crafts online wasn’t yet commonplace, and that’s when Eric’s extremely cool mom made him this Q*bert quilt for naptime, making him the luckiest preschooler ever. It even has a brown plaid flannel border like mine! More pictures here, including a close-up where you can see some of the embroidery that went into making Coily. Many thanks for sharing it with us!

Quiltbert: a Q*bert Quilt

Lap quilt

QuiltBert is based on the traditional tumbling blocks pattern and the video game Q*bert. It is a lap-sized quilt, ideal for hanging out on the couch playing vintage video games.

A while back, our junior mad scientist brought home a geometry / art assignment from school based on designing a quilt. The kids were given a small grid which they filled in with a pattern. They then rotated and copied the pattern several times into a larger grid. His design looked like it would be very complicated to make into a real quilt, with curved pieces, applique and embroidery all needed.

That started us all looking at quilt patterns so he could get an idea of what goes into making a quilt. When we found the “tumbling blocks” quilts which are made with rhombi the question came up as to whether anyone had ever made a Q*bert quilt.

Although there are many tumbling block quilts that are referred to as Q*bert quilts, we couldn’t find any genuine Q*bert quilts. We did find Tetris, Space Invaders, and Mario, Mario, Mario, and more Mario. Also the tangentially related but incredibly inspired Color Bars quilt. Clearly, someone needed to make a real Q*bert quilt.
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