Introducing The WaterColorBot

Today we’re thrilled to be launching our newest kit: the WaterColorBot.

The WaterColorBot is a brand-new project from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and Super Awesome Sylvia — a friendly art robot that moves a paint brush to paint your digital artwork onto paper, using a set of watercolor paints.

We’ve previously written about how we got started on this project (in a guest post by Sylvia), and about Sylvia’s visit to the White House Science Fair, where she was able to give President Obama a personal demonstration of the WaterColorBot.

And now, you can get one too!  We’re launching the WaterColorBot today on Kickstarter, and we’d like to ask for your support in getting it out there.  The WaterColorBot is an enormously powerful tool for helping to get young people interested in technology:

Beyond simple fun, we think that the WaterColorBot has enormous potential for STEM and STEAM education, especially as a way to get young people engaged with hands-on technology and robotics. We are particularly interested finding ways to inspire young women to pursue careers in science and technology. We cannot imagine any better way to do so, than starting with a robot co-designed by a 12 year old girl.

Perhaps more than anything else that we’ve done, we think that the WaterColorBot really can make the world a better place, one (young) Evil Mad Scientist at a time.

The Evil Mad Scientist STEAM T-shirt

Evil Mad Scientist STEAM T-shirtEvil Mad Scientist STEAM T-shirt

Introducing the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories STEAM T-shirt. Featuring high quality screen printing on 100% cotton tees from American Apparel.

Front side: Science & Technology & Engineering & Art & Mathematics. (Black ink)
Back side: The Evil Mad Scientist logo. (Red, brown, and black inks)
Shirt color: “New Silver,” a uniform light gray.

Evil Mad Scientist STEAM T-shirtEvil Mad Scientist STEAM T-shirt

These are Great Shirts

Beautiful quality screen printing by Social Imprints of San Francisco (“Printing with Purpose”).

The shirts themselves are comfortable 100% cotton tees, made in the USA by American Apparel. (Mens Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt and Womens Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Women’s T.)


The design of the front is an homage (like so many others) to the John Paul Ringo George shirt by Experimental Jetset.

Why Science & Technology & Engineering & Art & Mathematics?
It’s who we are, and it’s what we stand for.

Why not just STEM?
We, like many, many others believe that art is a critical component of good design, of good engineering, and of beneficial technology.

Get yours

The Evil Mad Scientist STEAM T-shirt is in stock and shipping now!

Profiled on the EDN Workbench and Atmel Blogs

Our friend Paul Rako posted a nice write-up about us on both the Atmel blog and EDN Workbench blog, filled with pictures he took at our last open house.

Evil Mad Science Kits

Evil Mad Science does not re-sell cheap imported junk. They design, test, and package their kits right here in Silicon Valley. Here are just a few of the kits Evil Mad Science sells. They all have great style, panache and entertainment value.

You can see read the rest of his post and check out his pictures either at EDN or Atmel. Thanks, Paul!

From the Mailbag: Meggy Jr RGB

Ted from Boston wrote in with nice things to say about our Meggy Jr RGB handheld LED matrix game kit:

My experience with your company in my recent purchase of a Meggy Jr. Kit was nothing but outstanding.  It was a joy from the ordering process, delivery to the product and documentation!  Looking forward to doing business with you again.

Thanks, Ted!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

In anticipation of the upcoming father’s day holiday, we’ve put together a little gift guide with selections from our store. We’re also putting all of these items on sale now through June 12: just enter coupon code “VADER” in the shopping cart to receive 10% off.


First up is the Digi-Comp II, First Edition. It’s perfect for teaching the basics of binary math to kids and parents alike.


The Alpha Clock Five kit, in original Red Edition, the gleaming White Edition, or the brand-new Blue Edition, is the perfect clock for the discerning hobbyist. It’s eminently hackable and full-featured, with digits big enough to see across even the largest of garages or just next to the bed before you put your glasses on.


For someone expanding their electronic horizons, or working a ton of projects at once, our Diavolino Starter Packs, and AVR Starter Packs will keep them happily busy.

Our Octolively Modules would make an excellent addition to a furniture or remodeling project.

The Art Controller is a modern take on an old classic, perfect for someone with plenty of project ideas who just needs an occasional trigger.

Tools are always a great gift choice, and anyone would be proud to own our ESD-Safe Screwdriver Sets. Another great workbench addition would be our Standard LED Assortment.

Original Egg-Bot with Ostrich Egg-Bot

The Egg-Bot started out as a way for one father used to show his family how cool it could be to play with stepper motors. Both The Original Egg-Bot Kit and the Ostrich Egg-bot are on sale.

The father’s day sale runs through June 12: enter coupon code “VADER” in the shopping cart to receive 10% off these items.

Happy Father’s Day!

GPS time on the Alpha Clock Five

assembled  Alpha GPS 15Alpha GPS 5  Alpha GPS 13

William Phelps recently wrote to us with alternative firmware for Alpha Clock Five, our oversized alphanumeric LED clock/data display kit. His firmware adds two very welcome features: Automatic daylight saving time (DST) correction, and automatic time setting via a GPS module.  It works remarkably well.

Here, we’ll show you how to hook it all up and how to use it.
Continue reading

Ostrich Eggbot

ostrich eggbot, Closeup

What’s just like an Eggbot but quite a bit larger? The all-new Ostrich Eggbot!

ostrich egg in eggbot with chicken egg for comparison

So yes, just like the Eggbot, it’s a machine capable of drawing on the surface of all kinds of spherical and egg-shaped objects. As the name implies, the Ostrich Eggbot is big enough to (very easily) fit ostrich eggs– one is shown above with a (rather large) chicken egg for scale. And, like the Eggbot, we’re releasing it as an open source kit.

Given all that, we feel confident to suggest that the Ostrich Eggbot may already be quite possibly the worlds finest open-source CNC ostrich-egg decorating machine.

ostrich eggbot

The Ostrich Eggbot chassis is CNC cut from hardwood plywood which is then laser engraved with calibration and assembly marks. Versus the original (standard-size) Eggbot, the feet have been moved to the sides for a wider base to give better stability with differently sized objects.

glass ball

This is a glass ball, 6 inches in diameter, which has been decorated in a motley pattern, with some colored Sharpie markers– it almost looks like stained glass.

Large objects

The range of printable objects extends from chicken eggs all the way up past ostrich eggs, and includes things like christmas ornaments, pool (billiards) balls, and all kinds of egg-shaped and spherical objects from 2.25 to 6.25 inches in diameter. (The blue-green alien-egg looking thing is an emu egg. It fits, too.)

XL pen arm

One of the big challenges in the design was that the new “pen arm” had to be much longer, and consequently to be much, much stiffer so that it doesn’t flex and flop around as the pen is moved.

The new pen arm and its mount have been fully redesigned and are now CNC carved from 1/2″ hardwood plywood, which provides a stiffening member along the side. The top section of the pen arm– where the servo motor and hinged pen holder mount –can also now be mounted at two different heights. The lower register allows plotting on small-diameter objects (like chicken eggs) that would otherwise cause the bottom end of the pen arm to hit the tabletop where the robot is sitting.

Emu Egg in Ostrich Eggbot

The Ostrich Eggbot uses the same pen holders (“distal pen arms” in the jargon) as the original Eggbot, so all the same range of pens, pencils, markers, chalk, and crayons can fit in the Ostrich version too. Especially cool is that the engraver kit still fits, now making it possible to do things like engrave on emu egg shells.

Original Egg-Bot with Ostrich Egg-Bot

Here’s how the Ostrich Eggbot looks next to the original. The original Eggbot just about fits inside the Ostrich Eggbot. The original size is still much better for working with smaller objects like ping pong balls and chicken eggs– but it only can draw on objects up to about 4.25 inches (10 cm) in diameter. The Ostrich chassis doesn’t go as small, but it does go up to 6.25 inches (16 cm) in diameter, and works with much longer objects as well.

The Ostrich Eggbot kit has the exact same “active” components– the same motors and EiBotBoard driver board –as the Original Eggbot kit, so we’re making an upgrade kit available (in addition to the standalone version), for those who already have an Eggbot or want to be able to print on everything from very small to very large objects.

ostrich Eggbot

The Ostrich Eggbot is available now at our webstore, Evil Mad Science.

Documentation for the Ostrich Eggbot is hosted at the Evil Mad Science Wiki, as a supplement to the more complete Eggbot documentation, which is also hosted there.