Cat Monitor

JellyBean hangs out in Harley’s converted Apple Two-Page Monochrome Monitor, which has been repurposed into a cat bed. I removed the CRT, circuit boards, and added the towel and some catnip. Click on the photo for some comments on its flickr page. This was also covered on the Make Blog: Monitor Cat bed (Make Blog).

Since this is Harley’s monitor, you’re probably looking for a picture of Harley. here she is, using the cat bed for its intended purpose.

Harley Cat Monitor

This is better than a macquarium anyday!
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7 thoughts on “Cat Monitor

  1. love it – i got a cat living in the workshop and she’s always getting into stuff while looking for a place to ‘survey’ her kingdom. i got some spare monitors and i might just whip her one up

    -too much spare time on my hands i guess-

  2. good, i’m not the only one who realized their is lead in a monitor. here is the break down (thank you to national geographic January, 2008):
    plastic casing: pvc (containing "highly toxic dioxins"), brominated flame retardants.
    the monitor circuit boards: lead("a neurotoxin"), mercury, and flame retardants
    i recommend NOT doing this. especially if you don’t know what kind of monitor you have. CRT, cathode-ray tubes, "in computer monitors and TVs hold up to eight pounds of lead"-National Geographic. recycling is good, just not like this. go to recyclers.

    1. If you chuck the guts in the land fill in order to get the case/housing then, yes, this is a very bad Idea. I think it is common sense that the bad parts would go to the Recycle center….but your concern with the disposal of let is right on.

  3. Well, that cat was very lovely, I also have pet cats at home. I remember this video when watching the videos both of my cats was on beside me. They stared at the pc monitor in curiosity/ disbelief they didn’t like what they saw coz the cats on the video were both terrified. I hope all of us will become animal lovers. Like us human cats have it’s own feeling and emotion too. I was so sad watching the video.

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