Shuffle Headphones

Lenore demonstrates the Shuffle Headphones. These are designed to remove loose cables that can be a safety hazard. I’ve written a set of instructions, hosted on instructables, showing how to build your own set of Shuffle Headphones.
This was picked up on the Make Blog. There, it acquired a comment (and I quote): “Old Old Old!” Actually, this design has never been shown before. I think that it’s particularly easy to construct, but also quite user-friendly.

There are other versions out there. One approach, pioneered by Jim Younkin, involves putting the shuffle inside the headphones. This is very elegant. To me personally, it’s a downside to not be able to access the controls while listening to music. A second approach by Ryan Simms is to embed the iPod Shuffle directly inside a set of headphones very similar to mine, with a mini-USB port added to connect to the computer. That’s clever, cool looking, and a fantastic construction job. The downside to that method is that the iPod is permanently attached. With my set, you can just pluck the shuffle off and slip it in your shirt pocket next to your earbuds.