Make a Flying Spaghetti Monster Costume

Reach out with His noodly appendage! Make your own Flying Spaghetti Monster crown.

Here’s what you’ll need: A) white cloth, B) black cloth, C) cable ties, D) hot glue, E) a big spool of white rope, F) scissors, G) needles, H) stuffing, I) a headband, J) thread, and K) thick copper wire.

Your costume will be comprised of two basic parts: a headband with eyestalks and a crown of noodles. For the headband you will take a long piece of copper wire, bend it in the shape of the eyestalks, attach it to a headband and cover the ends with fabric. The noodles will be made of artistically coiled rope.

Our costume started out as a vegetarian pastafarian. For a more orthodox deity we used paper meatballs from the flickr coloring contest which you could replace with balls of brown yarn or painted styrofoam balls.


Our headband happened to have holes in it, so it was convenient to route the wire through the holes. If yours doesn’t have holes, you can mount it on top of the band. Strap the wire to the headband with cable ties. Tighten the cable ties so that the joint is on top of the headband. Clip the ends off. Hot glue will help prevent it from rolling forward or back.


Cut the white fabric into a circle and a lollipop shape. Sew the circle to the top of the lollipop leaving a gap where the stick would be attached.



Fold the stick portion in half and sew to form a tube.



Turn the round part inside out first.



Turn the tube inside out starting at the base of the circle. You can use your wire to push it all the way inside out.



Stuff the eyeball through the opening at the base of the stalk.



Put the wire into the eyestalk and arrange the stuffing around it. Sew the base of the eyeball shut around the wire.



Glue or sew the a black dot in the center of the eye.



Here’s what your finished eyestalks should look like.





Now for the spaghetti! Cut off several pieces of rope since you’re going to want some pasta ends hanging out. Be sure and leave a nice long one since people will want to be touched by His noodly appendage. Coil up most of your rope and arrange the loose pieces around it. Bind the pieces together with cable ties. Be sure to aim the the pointy parts of the ties away from where it will sit on your head. You don’t want to get cable ties caught in your hair or poked in your scalp. You may need to fuse the ends of your rope so they don’t fray. (We burnt the ends of our ropes a little bit in that process.


You are now ready to proselytize! (FSM shirts optional.)

You can find more costume projects in our Halloween Project Archive.

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  1. hi, i’m an spanish girl and i wish to translate into spanish some of your tutorials to post them in my blog (giving your page adress as my font, of course).

    i like over all the bat costume, the FSM costume, the cylon lantern and the crocodile costume. if you give me your permission to post them in spanish, i’ll do it.

    thanks anyway

    1. You may have permission to translate individual articles to other languages
      under the conditions (1) that each article that you translate contains a link
      back to the original article, and (2) that you indicate clearly, in the language
      of translation, that it is a translation of the original article at that address.

      Thanks for asking,

      Windell H. Oskay

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