We see sea otters

Yesterday we went on a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. On the way back, we stopped for a little birdwatching at Moss Landing State Beach, halfway between Monterey and Santa Cruz. We were surprised to see a dozen or so sea otters playing in the water and snapped a few photos.

It’s not like the presence of otters at Moss Landing is any secret; it’s just that no one had told us about it. Among others, Laurie Darcey has taken some incredible photos of otters playing there, go check them out.

Read on to see a few more of our photos.

Playful little fellows, aren’t they?

3 thoughts on “We see sea otters

  1. Depending on the day, you can see up to a hundred or so otters hanging out in the harbor there.

  2. Hiya Evil Mad Scientists!

    It’s been six months since we both went to watch the sea otters, and I’ve gone back recently to get more footage. The other day I was hanging out down at Moss Landing and the otters started hauling out on the beach around me, playing and taking naps. I thought I’d share: California Sea Otters.


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