Casting class at TechShop

finishing the pour

We attended an aluminum casting class at the TechShop last week and had a great time! It was totally hands-on and absolutely unintimidating. The instructor did an excellent job of getting all the students (all five of us! – perfectly sized class) involved and getting our hands dirty. When I wasn’t busy with tamping sand or other fun tasks, I took some pictures, which are in this flickr set.

The TechShop offers a wide range of classes, and based on our experience as students, they are great. They are having an open house this weekend, so if you’re in the area (Menlo Park, CA), you can check it out for yourself. Open house details can be found on the event schedule.

3 thoughts on “Casting class at TechShop

  1. So, I’m looking at this picture, and it looks pretty cool. Until I notice the individual on the right hand side of the shot. They are wearing full protective gear…. complete with sockless Birkenstocks. Brilliant.

    1. I was in the other suit, and at least wearing closed-toe shoes. It seems (perhaps) not so bright to show up for a metal casting class in sandals, true. However, if you were to spill the molten aluminum on your foot, you would lose it anyway– shoe or not.

      Windell H. Oskay

  2. Did a project like this in 8th grade shop class. 1968, I believe. Wore a leather apron and gloves, maybe a face shield. The crucible had one handle (just me, tipping in the molten aluminum). Somehow, I managed to live through the experience.

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