Reminder: Upcoming classes at TechShop

led micro-readerboard   Blinkylights1

Build your own LED Micro-Readerboard this Satuday (6/30, 1:00 PM) at TechShop. It’s a single class where you choose phrases for and solder together your own LED Micro-Readerboard. As a new option: you can choose to make yours an AlphaPOV display! This class is a fun first introduction to what you can do with a microcontroller– where you make a neat toy that you get to take home. (Kids can take this class too, assuming that you’ve already taught them to solder.) Sign up here.

A week later, “Choosing a Microcontroller” (7/7 @ 1:00 PM) is a detailed seminar on the capabilities of microcontrollers and walks you through the process of finding one for your application. Sign up here.