Evil Little Garage Sale


I have some excess 16-segment displays, and people keep asking me where to get these. So… you can get them from me for the moment. This is a Kingbright PSA08-11HWA, a red 16-segment single-character alphanumeric LED display. It has a 20mm ( 0.8 inch) character height and a common-anode drive configuration. It’s the same one that I used for the micro-readerboard holiday ornaments as well as for our logo.

I have two unopened (new, old stock) tubes of 18 pieces each, 36 pieces total. These are getting difficult to find. But, until I run out, I’m selling the displays for $2 each plus $1 per order for shipping (US only), payment via paypal. If you’d like to buy some or all of them, E-mail me.

Update: Poof! We’re sold out. (And wow, that was fast!)