Fine print on the Bawls box

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We are great fans of Bawls Mints. Or, I should say, we were great fans of Bawls mints, because they are apparently no longer being made. They have been replaced by this visually similar but radically inferior substitute called “Bawls Buzz.” The formula has been completely reworked, and now tastes of cheap, bland candy, a little bit like pixy stix. Sugar is no longer the first ingredient.

On the other hand, the text on the bottom of the box is still there and still brilliant. Who makes packaging like this anymore? (And who makes candy like Bawls Mints anymore?)

3 thoughts on “Fine print on the Bawls box

  1. Exactly what I was thinking. Man, was I disapointed when I ordered Bawls Mints from ThinkGeek and got Bawls Buzz instead. It tastes nasty. It made me puke.

    1. We founds some Mints (mixed in with Buzz) at MicroCenter the other day and bought as much as we could find. Should last a couple of weeks…

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