Make a peepmobile

Ready to roll!

Here’s how to take your left over Marshmallow Peeps, add a few components, and make them into pimped-out peepmobiles.

Okay, so Easter has come and gone. Really gone. And if you’re like us, you didn’t eat all of your Peeps. Have they gone bad by now? Probably not. As it turns out, the yellow chick-shaped Peeps are made all year long to build up enough supply for each easter, so the ones that you get for Easter could *already* be a year old. (So why can’t you buy them all year long? You can… you just have to know where to look.)

Even if you’re still saving your Chicks to eat them later, you’re not alone. The official Peeps site has a poll up asking whether you like your Peeps “Fresh from the package or aged to perfection.” According to the results so far, a full 12% of peepeaters like to wait six months or more.

However, we seem to be digressing. Let’s just go ahead and assume that you weren’t going to eat all of them. Then whatever’s left, you can make into Peepmobiles.

victims   Separation

Start by picking out a good Peep. Older ones are actually a little easier to work with.



Next: we need some parts: Lego tubes, axles, and wheels.


Bad peep

“You’ve been a very naughty Peep!”



Slice   Ready.jpg


Cut two grooves in the bottom of the Peep to fit the axle tubes. You may find that a serrated knife works best, depending on the age of the Peep.


Stick on tubes   Tubes mounted nicely

Put the tubes in the newly cut grooves. If the marshmallow material is not sticky enough to hold the tubes, you can slightly moisten the tubes first. (This is the tricky part; if this doesn’t hold, the whole game is a bust.)


wheels   Ready to roll!undercarriage


Add your Lego wheels and axles, and you’re good to go. It’s best to wait a few days (to weeks) for the exposed marshmallow surfaces to harden nicely.

Does it roll? Oh yeah.

Also, if you introduce a slight misalignment between the two axes (like you see here, and before it hardens), you can actually get it to go in a gentle arc rather than in a straight line.

Jacked up   Jacked up 2

Not extreme enough for you? Grab a few different Lego pieces and go ahead and pimp your Peeps. An art form that starts out *this* silly knows no bounds. The sky is the limit.

4 thoughts on “Make a peepmobile

  1. Years ago on the Gulf Coast one car dealer used to bill themselves as the "Little Cheeper" dealer, and their advertising icon was a cute yellow chick with four car wheels instead of legs. Not unlike the Peepmobile.

    More recently, in Chicago, the Harold’s chain of fried chicken restaurants delivers chicken orders in a big customized white Cadillac sporting a giant chicken head with glowing red eyes. Not unlike the acid nightmare of the Peepmobile.

  2. For a second I thought you made the peepmobile with CandyFab.

    Now that’s unnecessary ;)

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