Maker Faire Sticker Collection on my Bike


old stickers


I got some awesome stickers at Maker Faire and my bike needed an update. So, read on for my quick how-to on bike uglification, er, sticker application.

I accept
First off, peel off any unwanted stickers. The “bonus credit” sticker has to go.
Rubbing alcohol is a good solventHopefully your bike isn’t as dirty as mine, but even if it looks good, you need to have a clean surface to make sure your stickers adhere well. In my case, I’ve got a lot of gunk leftover from old stickers. Don’t use rubbing alcohol like I did unless your bike is bare titanium like mine – otherwise you’ll run the risk of dissolving your paint. Soap and water works fine on paint.

Below is a good example of why you should clean first! Someone stuck this bullet hole sticker on my bike when I wasn’t watching. Unfortunately, it’s starting to peel up a bit since that area didn’t get cleaned first.

Bullet hole :)
Cleans up goodNow that my top tube and stem are clean, it’s time for the stickers! Vinyl stickers are the best – they can handle weather and last a good long time.

I’ve got a FLAMING LOTUS GIRLS, an OBRE, a got robots? and a leftover Evil Mad Scientist sticker to put on.
Peel off the backing, put one edge on and smooth the rest of the sticker down so you don’t have any bubbles under the surface.
Maker Faire Sticker Collection
Here are my results. I’m super happy with my new decor! Thanks to everyone for the stickers, and to Bre for the term “uglification” in reference to stickering up your bike.

5 thoughts on “Maker Faire Sticker Collection on my Bike

  1. litespeed makes awsome bikes! looks like you have a good part spec as well! is it a titanium frame? (sorry, bike mechanic and bike addict here)

    1. Yes, it’s titanium. I don’t think I’ve seen a Litespeed made of anything else, though I’ve heard they’re out there. There are more pictures of my bikes in this set, including close ups of some of my favorite components.

      1. converted over to single speed, very nice. and the purple anodized stuff is sweet. and of course the maxxis tires (I like mine….) thats a sweet bike. I’ve seen an aluminum Litespeed, it was dead though :( and we’ve had a really nice roadbike from litespeed in the shop where I work. sadly my bike is aluminum :(

  2. I can’t believe you are covering up that elegant titanium frame with stickers!
    If I could afford such a bike, the only modification I would make is to get the garish Litespeed logo off the frame.

    1. It is partly for camouflage: bikes with lots of stickers don’t look like expensive ones to the stupid thief. If you’ve got a smart thief, you’re just out of luck, stickers or no. Not that I leave my bike anywhere…

      It is partly because I like stickers – always have – and don’t have too many places to display them. Titanium is great because when you decide it’s time to remove the stickers it cleans up beautifully.

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