20 thoughts on “More Bugs Stickers: First action shots

  1. Honestly.

    That is illegal, and disgusting. Regardless of your loyalties, that is just uncalled for.

    It is people like you that give us Mac users a bad name.

    1. We wanted to show some action shots, people putting these on things, and this is the first example that someone sent in.

      Regardless, Macs have nothing to do with this. When someone puts the stickers on Leopard boxes instead (as many have suggested), you may be suitably indignant. Until then, perhaps you should try to come up with some positive suggestions, instead of simply complaining?

      Windell H. Oskay

    2. I disagree that this is bad,
      It’s funny and pokes some fun where it should be poked.
      I wish the vandals around our place could take some tips!
      It would truly be an insult to children to call their work childish.

  2. Ridiculous, childish and weak, weak humor. Vandalism is a sign of vacant creativity. You can do better than this… and you know it.

    Shame and fail.

    1. We’re not vandalizing anything. We’re selling stickers which appeal to a wide range of people for a wide range of purposes.

  3. Question: Are the stickers backed with an easy-to-remove type of glue?
    Regardless, I think that there are many people who will enjoy seeing those stickers, regardless of their feelings about the products, simply because they will recognize what an amusing idea it is. There is no lasting harm done, and people are given an excuse to smile.
    Good job.

    1. So, Toyota dealers should be able to go onto Honda dealership lots and put anti-Honda signs on the cars… as long as they are easy-to-remove and make people smile. And the Honda dealers should just laugh it off, since no lasting harm is done.

      Putting these stickers on a retail product in a store is illegal.

  4. Bashing Microsoft is so old. Is this your contribution to society? I like your blog, but the this sticker thing is stupid.

  5. >Bashing Microsoft is so old. Is this your contribution to society?
    >I like your blog, but the this sticker thing is stupid.

    We don’t need to bash Microsoft– People like you do it so effectively that we wouldn’t have to bash them even if we wanted to.

    Here’s how this works: We make some clever stickers that can potentially turn all kinds of things funny. (What was our original inspiration, you might ask: Was it our cat, who is slow and eats bugs? Was it our car? The Pentium? Our HP LaserJet? Was it using Apple products? ) People like you look at our stickers and assume that this has something to do with Microsoft. It doesn’t, any more than it has to do with Rice Krispies, which Brad also applied them to. Just because you associate "slower and with more bugs" with Microsoft doesn’t mean that we do.

    Windell H. Oskay

  6. Maybe the photo promoting the sticker’s illegal use on an MS product gave the impression.

    And your posted desire for "action" pics, after someone mentioned "Vista".

    The sticker is illegal if affixed to any retail product or advertisement in public.

  7. Give me a break, people! It really is humorless prudes like you that are causing the overprotective, underproductive and paranoid streak in modern culture. If you don’t like it, get over it. Don’t crap on other people’s innocent joke. And it truly is just that : a joke.

  8. The way I see it, did the EMSL Team explicitly say on the stickers "SLAP ME ON RETAIL BOXES IN STORES"? Nope. They sold them just as they are because they’re a comical way to bring light to software development "pitfalls". Is what Brad did illegal? Maybe, but who cares? If you can honestly say you’ve never had fun pranks like this in your younger years, then I think you led a pretty boring and sheltered life.

    If nothing else, they’ve been taught to think freely and realize that "new" isn’t always "better".

  9. Man, I’m a windows user. I hate Mac software with a VENGEANCE… but even I think this is hilarious. It’s funny because it’s silly and because it’s true. Lighten up people. If Bill Gates saw this he’d probably keel over laughing.

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