October Linkdump


5 thoughts on “October Linkdump

  1. Haha, wow, those are some amazing charts for the DC/DC converter! :P

    Oooh, I want some of the magnetically controllable liquid photonic crystals. Sweet.

    Oh crap, why did you have to put a link to the bagsnob blog? I think I am going to have nightmares tonight. Geeks should not view horrors such as that.

    Must think of better things… like physics… and… peanut butter… and the physics of peanuts growing, being harvested, shipped, processed, and packaged to make peanut butter. Oh, and physics projects using a peanut butter jar. Ah, yes, much better.

    – Creech

  2. When I got my first "real" circuit design job one of the first things they threw me at me were datasheets, because noone else wanted to maintain them and we didn’t have anything like a technical writer. So don’t always expect that a seasoned engineer with 30 years experience is making the plots you see there, it might be the summer intern. :-)

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