Reminder: Intro microcontroller class tomorrow (Saturday)

Reminder: This Saturday, April 21, I’ll be giving a seminar at TechShop that’s an introduction to microcontrollers, called Choosing a Microcontroller. This is designed to be an introduction to the capabilities and variety of single-chip computers, as well how to actually pick one for a given application. It’s easy to get overwhelmed looking at the variety of range of micros, from four-bit micros that have a 4-bit wide data path — and actually cost four bits— to AVRs and PICs, basic stamps and Arduinos, to 32-bit gorillas with names like ARM, Blackfin, and Coldfire. So, we’ll try and cut through the fog and help you figure out where to get started.

If you’ve heard people getting excited about or doing cool things with microcontrollers and want to learn more, this might be a great introduction to the field.
Sign up for this and other TechShop classes here!

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2 thoughts on “Reminder: Intro microcontroller class tomorrow (Saturday)

  1. I found this class very useful. My Arduino board arrived the other day, and is now happily blinking a LED. Now I just need to think of a great project! I look forward to any other classes you might teach in the future, perhaps one specifically on programming AVR microcontrollers?

    1. Thanks! I’ll be giving the microcontroller class again some time (for folks who missed it), and I will try to get an intro AVR class together sometime this summer.

      So… you could always build a sugar printer as your first Arduino project!

      Windell H. Oskay

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