September Linkdump

  • Could you decode a message from an alien civilization? Here is your chance to find out.. It’s one of the most rewarding puzzles that I’ve ever seen.
    (Hint: print the pages out large to work on it.)
  • Individual Icons makes fantastic geek jewelry incorporating screws, rulers, thermometers, levels, and compasses.
  • See also: GeekGirl Jewelry made from electronic components
  • Density game
  • If you like, then you will probably
    also like….(
  • New Honorary mad scientist:
    Tim Hunkin(thanks Matt Tovey)
  • Another variation on our circuitry snacks
  • Video showing what you can do with a mac laptop and Processing.
  • Every math geek chef and their brother has seen the beautifully fractal Romanesco broccoli, but I had never seen the more mundane fractal hiding inside red cabbage.
  • ACME Portable Hole $3.25/3
  • Have you ever found yourself wondering where you could buy 3D glasses by the thousand? (Not… that… i… would… have… any reason for that.) Source 1, Source 2.
  • What every baby needs
  • Bagless shopping concept
  • CandyFab has its own
    wikipedia pagenow.
  • Custom PCB is yet another low-cost prototyping service that nobody seems to know about. They have been around a while, but I haven’t tried them. (Have you?)
  • There are not many things that would I would trade-in my Prius for. Not many.
  • How to prepare a kiwi
  • Admit it. You want this squirrel-infested coffee table.

4 thoughts on “September Linkdump

  1. I adore Tim Hunkin! We watched Secret Life of Machines back when it was on public television ( a looooong time ago) and we own the video set, it’s amazing stuff! You can find him through Cabaret Mechanical, too.

    Love the jewelry. Great group of links! And yes, I DO want that table.

    1. Funny, I just ordered 50 3D glasses for a wedding-"newspaper" we’re making for friends. OK, its not a thousand (and they seem to be a bit more expensive in germany, too bad) but this will be fun anyway :-)

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