9 thoughts on “Apple Flitters

  1. I used to eat at a place, years ago, that had a habit of dropping the last letter of the first word of items on their chalk board. Thus such delicacies as Mea Loaf and Bee Fried Rice.

    By the way, if you are bothered by Apple Flitters*, put about a half inch of vinegar in a glass jar, cover the top with plastic wrap held in place with a rubber band and poke several 1/8" holes in the plastic. In a few days, the Flitters will be gone. Well, not gone, but trapped.

    *fruit flies :-)

  2. There’s a (actually wonderful) professor who I had who once misspelled Cramer’s Rule on the board as Kramer’s Rule. When students tried pointing out his spelling error he fixed it: Klamer’s Rule.

  3. I’ve seen at least a couple of store-front signs using an all-caps sans serif font (similar to the one in this picture) with the I’s dotted.

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