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One year ago today, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories went live. Happy birthday to us!

We originally started this blog as a means to help us document and organize our various projects. Since then we’ve seen writeups about our projects on more than two thousand other blogs, and even in a handful of print magazines. We’ve contributed projects to an art show, sparked some interesting collaborations, and built some of the wackiest machines that we ever have. In the course of these projects we somehow found excuses to buy three old HP pen plotters, 2.4×10^4 LEDs, a Macintosh SE, Marshmallow Peeps, and three hundred pounds of sugar.

What will the next year bring? Who knows! But, we’re looking forward to it.
Thanks for reading Evil Mad Scientist!

– Lenore & Windell


(Pictured above: An alphanumeric persistence of vision display. Source code, how-to and more photos coming next Wednesday.)

7 thoughts on “We are one

  1. Happy Birthday!
    Love your projects, wish I was able to have spare time from studying to be able to follow in your footsteps…

  2. Happy birthday to the best evil mad place on the web. You have convinced me to get into AVR programming.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Sometimes this feels a bit like one of those TV cooking shows. You want to make what they’re making but you’ve got too much unfun stuff to do. Knowing *somebody* is making that cool stuff is enough and you end up vowing to set aside some time –any day now– to do it yourself.

    You guys rock, please don’t stop.

  4. you guys make me look lazy…which is good cause i need something to aspire to! :)


  5. Happy Blogiversary or birthday or whatever! I have enjoyed reading about your projects and adventures for most of that time… really thought you had been around much longer. Keep up the good work!

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