Non-Megnatic Tweezers

Non-megnaticOn our recent trip to the Electronics Flea Market we got a very nice pair of tweezers. There are tons of great cheap tools at the flea market, and these are no exception. Superfine tips and a nice black coating were a couple of the features that drew us to this particular pair. However, there was one characteristic that we could not resist: they are beautifully labeled “Non-Megnatic.” Seeing this enigmatic label gives me joy every time I use them. Feel free to post in the comments what you think the fantastic word “Megnatic” ought to mean.

25 thoughts on “Non-Megnatic Tweezers

  1. I have an Indian-made awl whose storage pouch says “A.W.L.”; I’m not sure what they think the letters stand for.

    I’ve also got a roll of small pliers made in Pakistan that’re labelled “4PCS HOBBIEST PLIERS SET”, but I suppose they can be forgiven for that, since half the bleeding English-speaking world now seems to think that’s how “hobbyist” is spelled.

  2. Isn’t it just a mis-spelling of "Magnetic"?

    Although why a non-magnetic set of tweezers is a good thing, I’m unsure. Perhaps it’s an aid in hard disk recovery for putting the bits back on the disk.

    1. the fact that a) you make the "obvious" comment and b) ask the question.. speaks volumes…..

  3. meg-nat-ic: [meg-nat-ik] — adjective:
    1. Big and automatic.

    Also, meg-nat-i-cal.

    The megnatic robot towered over the townsfolk as it clanked through town, steam billowing from its ears.

  4. You got these at the flea market, right? So of course it means they are not for use on mega-gnats. You’ll be needin’ a much larger pair of tweezers if you want to pinch those big ones.

  5. I have a use for non-magnetic tweezers–manipulating incredibly tiny surface mount inductors. Most of the non- and anti- magnetic tweezers I have retain some annoying "stickiness" to them, but I’m not vexed enough to use carbon tips. Maybe one day.

  6. Some specimens do not react well to the Megnat tweezing technique ("Megnatic tweezing") and so can only be handled using non-Megnatic tweezers.

  7. To quote Churchill, the whole thing is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a anigme.

  8. Megnatic: the Greek prefix means it is indicative of a million nats.
    Non-Megnatic: therefore means that it is not indicative of a million nats.
    A “nat,” of course is a player on the Washington DC major league baseball team, so these are tweezers which may under no circumstances be used by a million (or perhaps 1084576) Nationals ballplayers. These are, a fortiori also NON-GIGNATIC TWEEZERS.

    1. Google gives 3,060 results for "Megnatic", although I’m still none the wiser as to it’s meaning.

      1. Before I wrote this it was under 3,000. They only one that seemed genuine (not a misspelling) was a username on a recipe site.

  9. Megnatic is a derivative from the word Megnamaniac which we know all Evil Mad Scientists secretly are..

    1. Wow. Google doesn’t know about megnamaniacs. Yet… I’m sure an outbreak of megnamania will happen to google one of these days. Interestingly, it reminds me more of magnanimity than of megalomania.

  10. It’s obviously against all of the Megnatics. Everyone hates Meg! Just one more step to keeping this world Meg-free.

  11. Since megnatic means a very generous person, then non-megnatic must mean a stingy person, So these are stingy tweezers, and that is why they have such tiny tips.

    (yes I KNOW the word is magnanimous, but megnatic kind of sounds like….ok, never mind.)

    (But see, it’s funny because it explains why the tips are so tiny!!!!)

  12. I’ll try to find it again and send a photo but used to have a wonderful ‘flush drive’ USB memory key.

  13. Megna is a girl’s name in India…
    Maybe these tweezers should not be used by Megna?

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