Vintage Popular Mechanics

1960's Popular Mechanics

You know they love you when during spring cleaning they save the vintage Popular Mechanics magazines and ship them to you. They must really love me because I got twenty-one pounds from the 1960’s in the mail! I can’t wait to read them all, but so far I’ve only made it half-way through July 1962, which contains “Your Complete Concrete Guide” and “The Desperate Flight of Airtransit 13” among other treasures.

7 thoughts on “Vintage Popular Mechanics

  1. Wow, nice job landing that! Wish I could get 21 pounds of pop mechanics :(
    I probably have that of current popular science though, so we’re even, almost ;)

  2. I’ve got a bunch of these from the 30s, 40s and 50s. I’ve been meaning to put them up on ebay but I haven’t gotten around to going through them yet. :(

  3. "GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS!" I take my older issues of "Popular Mechanics Magazine" and I scan them page-by-page and send scans FREE to others on a daily basis so they might enjoy seeing them as well, especially those of 1914-1918 as well as 1939-1945, the war years seem to be the most asked for? After I scan a magazine, I donate them FREE to whomever emails me to ask for me to set thyem aside, of course I also insist on paying the postage as well as they’re gifts and presents should cost nothing, right? By my contributing them and the scans, I am not competing with dealers/sellers and not a threat to their livilihood. I make CD disks of same and donate these to dealers/sellers so they can duplicate, sell them, and keep 100% of the profits, that is the "American Way!" With the rarer ones I donate them to dealers/sellers as well as they obviously need the money or they would not go on-line to sell things. I like to help others! :) Sarge Booker of Tujunga, California ( It’s okay to make my email address public! :)

  4. Good day:
    I was wondering if you have come across any power boat plans in those issues. My dad build a boat from the magazine around the mid 60, He recently passed away but the boat is still up and running. My brother uses it weekly. I thought I would try building one myself but can not find the plans anywhere. I was hoping you could forward me the names of the boats that are in the mid 60’s magazines and I could than try and find that magazine for myself. The boat is 18′ and has a very upward pointing bow. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. C

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