Digi-Key sends cat toys


The other day I got a box of swag from Digi-Key.

Each week, @digikey holds “Twrivia Thursdays” on Twitter, and a few weeks back they asked “What is the name of the recycled product we use for packaging?” I didn’t realize this was a contest, but I had to answer immediately, because we know it as one of the best cat toys ever!

Anyway, I’m thrilled to have gotten my box of misc (and it says “misc” on the invoice) because it came packed with– surprise– that same packing material, Geämi, which the cats are playing with even as I type.

We posted the picture below, of JellyBean tangled in the stuff, a couple of years ago. But it deserves another viewing:

JellyBean versus the Digi-Key packaging materials

5 thoughts on “Digi-Key sends cat toys

  1. Oh, yeah, our rabbit absolutely loves that stuff. Whenever I get some electronics wrapped in it, I put it in his cage and he has a ball destroying it. I know what you’re thinking – talking about cute bunnies, on Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories? Well you’d be surprised – rabbits don’t just love to destroy things, they’re fascinatingly meticulous about it. Give him a piece of Geami and he’ll spend all day in some kind of destructive trance, reducing it down to its component strips. Riiipp…. Riiippp…. Riiipppp…

  2. Agreed. Our cats *crave* this stuff. The anti-static bags and tubes not so much. Which is fine, because that means that every box from Digikey and Sparkfun has a little somethin’ for everyone.

    I’d love to be able to take a picture of them like that, but we don’t get nearly that much natural light. <sigh>

  3. Hi Jellybean! (…and Lenore, and Windell)
    Geämi, is it? I will be remembering this. Thanks!

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