Epic menorah is epic.

Star Trek Pez LED menorah 1

Joyce and Kaufman sent in this truly fantastic Star Trek Pez LED menorah that they made. Joyce made it last year to hold candles, and this year Kaufman brought it right into the 24th 21st century by mind-melding modding it with one of our Deluxe LED Menorah kits.
Star Trek Pez LED menorah 2

Let’s give them both double credit for a fantastic job. Overengineering at its finest, this is.

6 thoughts on “Epic menorah is epic.

  1. Just wanted to thank you for the inspiration; made one for my wife for Hanukkah (although she didn’t actually get it until the first week of January…. everything always takes longer than you expect, eh?).

    See photos on Flickr.

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